Since its inception, the $325+ trillion real estate market has been plagued by its liquidity and accessibility. Unlike stocks and crypto, real estate owners have a long and arduous selling process, and when they do sell they usually need to sell the entire asset. On the buy side, there are millions of investors worldwide that would jump at the opportunity to invest in real estate, but are not able to for many reasons, such as: not having enough capital, geographic boundaries, and lack of access to opportunities. REX Protocol aims to fix all of the above.

REX Protocol is a real estate tokenization and exchange platform. It gives real estate owners liquidity on their properties and everyday investors access to real estate investments. Currently, property titles cannot be tokenized due to outdated government systems, however, our vision is to tokenize operating agreements and DAO LLCs. The operating agreement format will give tokenholders rights to lease and sales proceeds from the properties. The DAO LLC format will be a tokenization of an LLC which holds the title to the property. Real estate owners and sellers can easily go onto our platform and fill out their property and personal details. This will allow them to tokenize their assets, and then list them on our exchange where investors will be able to easily filter, find, and exchange the tokens or a fraction of them.

The REX Protocol is composed of many different parts: the Exchange, the IRET (Individual Real Estate Token), the Tokenization Platform, the REIT (Real Estate Index Token), and the DAO.

  • The Exchange - a decentralized marketplace and exchange that will give a platform for buyers and sellers to trade full real estate assets or just fractions of them in the form of cryptocurrency tokens.

  • IRETs - the tokens that represents individual properties. An IRET is not one token, but a collective name for all tokens that each represent an individual property. Each IRET will be backed by an operating agreement or DAO LLC bylaws that legally attach a property to that IRET. Each IRET will also have its own individual DAO.

  • The Tokenization Platform - will allow owners of all types of properties throughout the world to tokenize their assets into IRETs and list them on the REX Exchange.

  • REITs- Tokens that will be backed by all IRETs on our platform and follow the price fluctuation of the real estate market as a whole. The REIT will also include many “subREITs” that will also follow individual submarkets.

  • REX Protocol DAO - will be responsible for managing important REX Protocol decisions. Through the REXP utility and governance token, members will be: creating proposals, raising points, and voting for implementations and changes to the REX Protocol.

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