Version 1 of Evo Exchange includes regular trading functionality, margin and shorts, and limit and stop orders. V1 is a high performance exchange providing no trading fees for spot trading and gas-less limit and stop orders. V1 also doubles as a lending/borrowing platform, where users earn on assets deposited as other users can borrow them for margin trading.


For Version 2, Evo Exchange will launch option trading and perpetual options. At this point, Evo Exchange will have the same trading functionality as any available CEX, but in a decentralized exchange.


Evo Exchange's ultimate transformation involves tying together the liquidity of every blockchain that it has launched on. Using its off-chain orderbook and on-chain execution logic, all blockchains will be interconnected and users will be able to trade across the different blockchains without even noticing they are doing so. Unifying the liquidity across all different blockchains finalizes the defragmentation of the currently fragmented DeFi ecosystem, eliminating the need for centralized exchanges and altogether replacing them.

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