EvoX token holders are the owners of Evo Exchange DAO LLC, incorporated in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Evo Exchange has a very unique governance structure to promote decentralization of the protocol and to ensure that it is not a security token.

To begin with, voting rights will be capped to 10%. Meaning that anybody who owns more than 10% of the tokens will have any votes that go beyond the 10% cap allocated proportionally amongst the other votes.

For example, if any wallet holds 60% of the outstanding tokens their vote will count for 10% and the remaining 50% will be allocated proportionally amongst the remaining votes at the end of the voting period.

EvoX holders are able to vote and change any aspect of the Evo Exchange smart contract structure, profits, fees, orderbook/matching engine providers, buybacks, and any or all other changes they deem necessary or beneficial.

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